House of Vans London reopens with new skatepark layout

House of Vans London skateboard park

The London House of Vans skatepark reopened last week with a brand new street layout (pictured above) and a mini stage that was christened by Black Honey – ahead of their Royal Blood tour support – on Friday.

The celebrations also saw appearances by Thrasher’s Skater of the Year, and Vans Pro, Kyle Walker and Vans European pro riders Chris Pfanner, Daan van Der Linden, Victor Pellegrini, Sam Partaix and Josh Young.

One week before House of Vans reopened Sidewalk magazine was among those present for a lock-in for the Vans UK team of Jordan Sharkey, Kris Vile, Stef Nurding, Ross McGouran, Jordan Thackeray, Sam Roberts and Rob Smith to show off their moves.

As well as the new additions to the five-level, 30,000 square foot indoor skatepark, the space near Waterloo also houses an art gallery, cinema, café and bars and concrete bowl and mini ramp course.

Not to mention that it’s free (as is its skateboard school), you can book slots and – drum roll please – there’s no scooters allowed!

So House of Vans London has just gone straight to the top of my places to visit when Son1 and I have our next skate trip to London, by which time I’ll hopefully be a bit more confident skating in front of other people.


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