Stick To Your Guns: From the first time I saw you I knew it was true

Stick To Your Guns Nobody punk rock metalcore screamo

The last couple of hours I’ve had Stick To Your Guns on repeat, particularly The Suspend, the last track off their 2016 EP for Pure Noise Records, Better Ash Than Dust.

The Suspend packs an emotional punch that I think I’ll notice in their other tracks only in retrospect, and even sounds a little like AFI in places (which, in my book at least, is no bad thing).

And yet, much like Vision, they’re a band I know next to nothing about, despite having one of their albums in a Spotify playlist for a year or two. In fact, my knowledge of the band extends as far as that they get categorised as screamo/metalcore – a sub-genre I’ve only really approached with Gallows’ Orchestra Of Wolves album (and then more recently with Trap Them and Converge).

In brief then, a US hardcore band from Orange County, California, Stick To Your Guns formed in 2003 and have released five albums.

The only thing I’ve bought of theirs to date has been their cover of Florence + The Machine’s Dog Days Are Over, but Better Ash Than Dust and their 2015 – and most recent – album Disobedient have jumped to the top of my list of CDs to get next.


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