There’s two ways to fall in skateboarding

Skateboarding fail skateboard Southbank

So far I’ve discovered two ways to fall when skateboarding goes wrong.

The easy way, usually while going pretty slowly, sees me bounce up with little more than injured pride.

This is usually followed by awkward, did-anyone-see-that, grin.

I’m thinking particularly of the time I managed a beginner’s rock and roll, then tried a 180 degree turn/stop at Southbank, put too much weight on my front foot and went clattering down like a sack of… spuds (see picture above).

It being Southbank there were spectators, one of whom was a little girl who turned to say to her dad loudly “whoopsie”.

Damaged pride aside, and as a beginner you quickly worry less about your pride, that’s the easy way to fall.

Then there’s the hard way, when you land badly, often on your extremities.

In my case two early falls in the same session on the same elbow took a surprisingly long time to heal (and really, really hurt).

I followed this up by failing a rock and roll (on a ramp but no coping). Annoyingly it was just after getting them five times in a row on the previous session on the same ramp.

Not only did I fail, I somehow landed primo on the inside of my knee, eventually getting a bruise the size of my fist. The pain felt like it winded me, though I limped off smiling as I was there with my kids.

My knee’s finally healing – and I know a lot worse is possible in a sport that sees you balance on a piece of wood three inches off the ground – it’s not good timing to be getting more than usual random bruises and injuries.

Now just two weeks from testing for my black belt in Choi Kwang Do, (which is where the usual random bruises come from) I really don’t want to be limping anywhere.

So for now it’s back to basics, which isn’t a bad thing – I often suck at the basics just as much as I fail tricks that are slightly more complicated.


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