First day with a skateboard

Throwback to April with this, my first YouTube video (go easy on me).

I bought my first skateboard in more than 30 years earlier this year (thank you Black Sheep Store in Manchester).

So what best to do the very next day but head to Southbank and Stockwell skateparks in London for a day out with Son1.

Of course, I then promptly found out how much I couldn’t do – so, technically, the title should be ‘first day with a skateboard… for a long, long, long time).


Well, that escalated fast


In the last week I’ve gone from um-ing and ah-ing over what skateboard to buy, to taking the plunge and diving right in.

I’ve taken my new skateboard to two skateparks in London, local parks in Epsom, Leatherhead and Ashstead, acquired my first skateboarding bruises, practiced kick turns and rolling in (off the smaller ramps!) and had a go, albeit unsuccessfully, at rock n rolls.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Continue reading “Well, that escalated fast”

How to buy a skateboard?


I got my first, and only, skateboard when I was ten, which is… quite a few years ago.

It gets worse. It came from a toyshop (Hamley’s in Bath) and was florescent green and pink. What can I say – it was the late-1980s, and the colour scheme made sense at the time.

But, like a lot of things from 30 years ago, much has changed and buying a skateboard nowadays is a heap more complicated than merely avoiding colours that make your eyes bleed. Continue reading “How to buy a skateboard?”